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GMP, GLP, GCP, GTP... what about GSP (Good Statistical Practices)? What are some of the best practices that your company or industry recommends? Who is the source for this guidance (regulatory agency vs internal GSP)?

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The American Statistical Association wrote some stuff on the subject, althought it might be included in a larger document dealing with professional ethics and what standards chartered statisticians should comply with (they are in the process of creating a status called "chartered statistician", althought this status already exists in UK and is awarded by the Royal Statistical Society). Anybody has references on this?

In the web analytics domain, Google, the IAB and other organisations are trying to establish some "best practices", as anyone can claim to be doing web analytics. The requirements are quite basic, e.g. stuff like when you do some experiment, you should have a test and a control.
Are you looking for something beyond ICH E9?


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