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Business Opportunities for Analytic Bridge Members

This community has grown tremendously since it inception. The group has individual with diversified and very valuable skill sets. In addition groups’ members are located geographically diversely throughout the world. There are a fair numbers of entrepreneurs and individual consultants in this community. This presents excellent business opportunities.

I think given the geographic diversity we could take solutions and services from some places and take them to other countries and markets. As an example solutions developed in Australia (Like mathemetrica) by group members for possible application to stock market could be sold to clients in Asia, Middle East, India, and Europe etc.

In essence we can put together virtual teams. People who have products or services which they may want to market, other people who think they can market it some where. In addition, we could combine skills of different members to come up with more comprehensive solutions. As a example taking software engineering, financial analytics, 3d graphics and animation, real time systems, marketing and business strategy from various members and come up with services.

I for example would be interested in looking at innovative solutions for equity markets which I could market in the emerging markets. Similarly I could provide various software engineering solutions.

These virtual teams could use each other networks. As an example I am plugged into the Wharton school, university of Pennsylvania and Goldman Sachs Alumni networks. So I could leverage these networks as well.

To proceed we perhaps need to accumulate information about what services/products members can and wish to provide and what services others may be able to sell.

May be we should start posting opportunities on the forum?

Any thoughts?

(Reposted as it was not appearing in the forum section)

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I like the idea of virtual teams. The examples you give are for relatively mature endeavors where products/services exist and like to find more outlets. I would be interested to see if your network could be used to drive the concept of "open innovation". McKinsey just published a little research report on this.

To fuel innovation we need to bring together the three pillars of innovation:

entrepreneur + customer + capital

I have been looking at other investment/funding sites and how they organize these groups. Frequently they use a grading or popularity contest. Personally, I don't think the tournament/popularity contest format that is used by many angel groups is the right structure for real innovation. If calculus was invented last week no tournament would ever recognize it as the amazing innovation it is. For risk investments in real innovation the investor needs to understand the technology, particularly for "open collaboration" social networks where trust is not part of the initial selection. So I think what would work best is if we can organize a network where the investors are vetted very strongly on their knowledge and a rule book is given to the entrepreneurs so that they work out all the questions before bringing it before the others. The potential customers would be decision makers that have the ability to take risk and have budget. If we can bring those three together I think we could do something unique.


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