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Predictive Analytics Online Training: Half-Price Special

Prediction Impact
Special Discount: 50% off until May 21 - secure with a deposit now

New Online Course: "Predictive Analytics Applied"
Available on demand starting July 7, 2008 (self-paced e-learning)
Instructor: Eric Siegel, Ph.D.

Predictive analytics is business intelligence technology that produces a predictive score for each customer or prospect. Each customer's predictive score informs actions to be taken with that customer — business intelligence just doesn't get more actionable than that.

Predictive Analytics Applied - Online Edition is a self-paced online course that covers one-third of the material of Prediction Impact's in-person program, Predictive Analytics for Business, Marketing and Web. Four concentrated sessions of 45 minutes each cover the following topics:

• Applications: Business, marketing and web problems solved with predictive analytics
• Core technology: How a predictive model works and how it's created
• Evaluation: Measuring how well a predictive model works and how much revenue it generates
• Process: Management and project leadership for predictive analytics
• Illustrations: Live demos and detailed case studies
• Hands-on: Get your hands dirty for 20 minutes with a revealing Excel-based exercise

Personalized support: Online training participants also receive 30 minutes of Q-and-A support with the instructor via telephone or email.

Each session of this self-paced e-learning program may be viewed at your convenience (after the release date of July 7, 2008). Since no travel is required and the registration fee is one-third the fee of the in-person training, it provides an economical alternative for ramping up on predictive analytics.

**100% of October's trainees for Prediction Impact's in-person course rated the program "Excellent" or "Very Good" **

For more information, e-mail us at [email protected] You may also call (415) 683-1146.

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