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Free Predictive Analytics decision engine with iGoogle

Recently, the company I work for, Zementis, released the first Predictive Analytics Engine that can be accessed anywhere at anytime. It can be downloaded as an iGoogle gadget for now. Coming up in May, Zementis will start offering the full decision engine through the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), making it the first SaaS (Software as a Service) decision engine available.

Here are some useful links:

Info on our Amazon EC2 offering - coming soon:

The iGoogle ADAPA Predictive Analytics gadget … install the engine as an iGoogle gadget and start processing your data right away!! See pic below.

The iGoogle ADAPA PMML 3.2 Converter gadget … converts PMML models generated for example in SPSS PMML 3.1 to PMML 3.2 for scoring in ADAPA.

Both ADAPA and converter gadgets can also be accessed directly from our website:

FAQ on the predictive analytics engine, PMML, and the iGoogle gadgets:

To learn more about PMML (Predictive Modeling Markup Language) … the standard way to represent data mining models, check:

If you need examples of SVM or Neural Network models to start playing with, visit our examples page:

We have also been working with a company in Australia to offer PMML Exporters to the R community. You can basically build your models for free in R and use ADAPA web services functionality to score them in real-time from inside your customer platform. For more visit:

I am truly excited about this new product offering. For the first time, people everywhere will be able to truly unleash the power of predictive analytics. You can find out more about this offering by downloading the PDF flyer:

We also offer the full ADAPA Enterprise solution with rules and reporting for on-site deployment through our regular sales channels. To learn more about ADAPA Enterprise Edition, check it out on wikipedia: or download the PDF flyer:

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