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Does anyone have an example of a simple logistical regression analysis (sans statistical software)? I'm especially interesting in seeing how to derive the dependent variable coefficients. But it would be very helpful for me to be able to walk through all of the steps. Thanks!

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Do you have access to a decent (university) library?

Hosmer & Lemeshow's book "Logistic Regression" is well written and should be easy to ffind (& follow) the information you're looking for.

Agresti's "Categorical Data Analysis" will also have what you're looking for.

Bishop, Feinberg & Holland's "Discrete Multivariate Analysis" will have it in excruciating detail...
I would recommend that you look at the SAS Logistic Regression Book (actually very well done), Applied Logistic Regression (Hosmer and Lemeshow) and look at the Sage Press "Green Book" on Logistic Regression. Also look at Wikipedia (search on Logistic Regression the article is pretty good and covers the basics of Logistic Regression).

I forgot about that SAS book but I concur - great place to start!
A comprehensive article on the subject can be found at


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