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I'm in the process of creating a mini-directory featuring the most useful links for our community. If you have any recommendations (preferably links to directory or organizations), feel free to tell us.

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Hi Vincent...

I don't mean to toot my own horn, but please look at the PDFs I have available for download form the "User Group Presentations" link at my company home page, These are downloaded frequently by SAS users in many disciplines/specialties.

Also, I do free online webinars about SAS topics via

Thanks, Andrew Karp
Hey Vincent,
When I need some software help I go here:

The textbook examples link is especially useful because you can often have the book they refer to. Then study the textbook example and see how to solve it in SAS ( or what have you).
Than you. Great resource. The link has been added.
Please keep sending links. I'm very busy now, but I want to add many new links this weekend.

Thank you,
Added too. Many thanks.
Hi Vincent,

This is my primary source for machine learning articles:

BTW, you've done a great job on this site as is. I was able to reference answers to a couple of questions posted here by using links you already have on this page!
Hi Mark,

I've tried to do a search involving two terms ("click fraud"). Is there a way to do a search returning results with the exact match "click fraud", rather than "click" OR "fraud". It's the first time I try this tool, so I'm sure I'm not aware of all the subtleties.

Thank you,

With most search engines I have used, try 'click fraud' within either single or double quotes. Or, if they have the option, try click AND fraud - some engines will recognize "AND" or "OR" as boolean operators.

My $.02 - Chuck Patridge
Hi Vincent,

I should have added that I don't like the native search on citeseer, but they provide the option of a google search on the site which is what I tend to use. Hope this helps. It's worth the effort since this really is a great research source.

Vincent and Others,

I use a lot of links - too many to list here but I would say I use (my own site), as well as SAS-L, and for my questions to SAS software questions.

Charles Patridge


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