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Hi there,

Has anyone heard of job opportunities regarding data mining or business intelligence in Switzerland?


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I believe that Dr. Luchsinger who created lives in Switzerland. Switzerland has more jobs than most other countries on his board, see
Thanks! I have already subscribed to his RSS. However, most of the job are in the german part of Switzerland (I'm leaving in the french part of Switzerland). But thanks for the answer, anyway.
Hello Sandro,

I'm working in french speaking part of Switzerland and try to develop both, business and community around Web Analytics.
I'm eager to meet people working here and interested in the "analytic" field.
Let's meet and discuss about it.

Hello Jmaro,

I am interested in contributing/ learning Web Analytics. Let me know.

Hello Manish,

I would be interesting to talk with you about WA in Switzerland...
But I'm sorry, your profile is really too light actually.
Who are you? What are you doing? Where are you living?
How hard is it to get a job near Lausanne for a French speaking Belgian citizen (PhD, 15 years experience) living in Seattle? I've always dreamed living in Switzerland when I was a kid, and Arolla is one of my favorite places (see ).

Are you studying at the EPFL? One of my colleagues, Michel Bierlaires, teaches at the EPFL.
Sorry to intervene, but you talked about Arolla and I like the place as well...
I did it few years ago in winter when I did the Haute Route Chamonix-Zermatt... Gorgeous...

About your question, it is really not difficult to get a job here, and for EU citizens, there is even no work permit issue...
Maybe more opportunities in Geneva than in Lausanne...
I agree it may be easy to find a job for EU citizens (and with 15 years experience it shouldn't be a problem). However, it is very hard for non-EU citizens to find jobs. I have a lot of friends who are non-EU citizens and did not find a job in Switzerland. This is due to the three circles: when a company wants to hire a non-EU citizen, it has to prove that no Swiss citizen or EU citizen can do this job. Only then, they can hire a non-EU citizen.
Hi Sandro,
You may contact thsi recruiting company
They have many client looking for DM & BI job.
good luck with your job search.
According to, AnalyticBridge is as top 10,000 websites in Switzerland (# 7652 as of today). Not sure how accurate or reliable these numbers are (we've been a top 10,000 in Switzerland for quite a while now), but it's clear that we have many visitors and members (and particularly returning members) from Switzerland.
Thanks for the link Ramzi! I have already found a job, but I will keep the link for further job searches...
AnalyticBridge is definitely a good place for job search. I have been able to meet very interesting people form the analytic field that I would certainly have missed with a usual spontaneous candidature.


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