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Lately, we've been paying more and more attention to SMO - Social Media Optimization and looking at metrics by referrer (i.e. Digg, Linkedin, Slashdot) etc.

What about you?

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Site score, a statistics that summarize traffic quality at the site level. Various definitions of quality can be used, the one that I like most being user lifetime value (after removing cost of acquisition). None of this is something easy to compute.
Hi, Bansi -- a late response to your earlier question...

Are you still focusing (these 3 months later) on social media optimization, or have you decided that the return on investment is too low to warrant additional marketing spend?

I think the problems that most firms typically find are based around a lack of defined goals -- they aren't sure if they're driving brand awareness, or traffic acquisition. Or campaign-based revenue v. customer lifetime value.

Second, even if they get some interesting metrics from the sites themselves (and not all platforms provide the kind of metrics I'd really like to see), they usually have no actionability. That is, if the metric went up (or down), is that good (or bad)? More importantly, how do I use this metric to change my actions, and thus make it better?

Suppose you have a blog, with a "Digg this!" button next to each post. Some posts get dugg more than others -- but are you able to use this feedback in a way that either 1) increases the number of diggs, or 2) actually drives revenue or whatever your KPIs are for your site? For the vast majority of marketers, I'm afraid the answer is no to both questions.

I'd be very curious to know if you or others have been able to not only gain some insight from your social media metrics, but actually use those metrics to improve your value proposition to your target audience.



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