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Hi all,
Apologies up front for a naive question, but this topic is new to me. I'd like to find out about methods for valuating debt portfolios:
1. What are current industry standards?
2. What are more esoteric methodologies - where industry is trending to.
3. Available resources: web and books/literature.
Thank you in advance.
Badri Raghavan

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Thanks very much for the informed response. I'll check out the paper and the GARP website as soon as I get a chance. Meanwhile, I wanted to let you know that I bought myself Saunders and Allen's book on Credit Risk Measurement that I find to be a nice gentle introduction to the field.
Dear Badri

Scott'd reply seems to be missing. Given I am interested in this specific topic, is it possible to re-post his response?

thanks, Myron
Badri, check my blog here on Analytic Bridge


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