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Hi, I've been to a data mining seminar and webinar, but still have yet to be become someone who actually mines data. Can anyone suggest the best books for learning what data mining is and isn't? For anyone in the field, how did you actually get started?

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I was the primary data mining contact for the R&D team of a credit card company that will remain nameless. I got started by volunteering for all the SAS training related to mining.

"Data Mining" itself is a vague and often misused term. I'd suggest narrowing your focus. I mainly work with flexible models (particularly Chaid and CART) and I have gotten great results with them in a wide range of situations.

If anyone wants to discuss this in more detail, let me know.
Thanks, Mark. I will try that.
Also, go to:
Statistical Modeling and Analysis for Database Marketing:Effective Techniques for Mining Big Data - Bruce Ratner, Ph.D.
The newest book on data mining was just published-
you can use this website


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