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Data Warehousing, ETL and Business Intelligence opportunites

Hi folks,

I'm currently looking for these skills in a number of roles with a client of mine who are a fantastic large media organisation based in South east England.
The roles are here:

If you have these skills and are currently looking for a change of career please feel free to drop me a line.

[email protected]
020 8996 5096

Best Regards


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Do you have any contract opportunities (i.e. rather than full time positions)?
Any clients in the Northwest?

Thanks, Robin
Thanks Robin,

I will occassionally pick contracts up, have none at the moment and don't have any specific clients in the North West so probably not a great deal of help to you unless you would work in the SE on a contract ...

Kind Regards

Matthew Harvey
Hey Matthew,

Hats off to fellow recruiters across the pond. If you have any ETL or BI professionals hanging out in the golden state, let me know! I may have a few techies in London I can scare up!

Matt Moylan
[email protected]
Cheers Matt,

I don't have anyone who comes immediately to mind but will be sure to let you know if any crop up on the radar.


Discussion is very good and thanx for posting........
Data Entry India


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