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Does anybody know the top 10 problems in social networking? There have been a couple of websites and applications that are solving connectivity problems as you are typing. Xobin and both have search functions that compute as you type. This is very productive but puts additional strain on algorithms and processors. I would love to know what the state of the art in this domain is.

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I don't know if it is a top 10 problem but the cohesiveness of a network and the factors that lead to the lack thereof are very interesting, and so are the rates of propagation of information through the network as well as the corresponding drivers.
I don't understand why connectivity problem is analytics problem. I see 2 other problems:
- irregularities of word frequencies in social discourse depend on the occurences in various manner, and the modelling problems due to this phenomenon won't be solved; in other words, mining of social networks will not benefit (in efficiency terms) from theory development, and therefore it probably will stagnate,..
- popularity of social media is falling, and it will cause the growing problem of the noise (or signal/noise ratio).
without connectivity you are unlikely to have a network
Hi All,
Based o my experience, volume is one obstable in doing SN analytics
large volume leds to high demand for resource power.
Some new players are also emerging in this areas.


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