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Dear All,
I just join the discussion forum of Analytic Bridge. I am interested in switching career from being a Statistician in Financial and Banking Sector to a more analytic position in industry like marketing research, consultancy. Kindly advise me on the right steps to take, knowledge to acquire e.g. analytical packages, extra qualification etc. Advise needed. Thanks.

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Should be a simple step. I made those switches. I started in the market research survey analysis. then switched to credit card modeling, then went to pharmaceutical marketing research. There are more multivariate analyses in market research than in the financial induatry but it all depends on which project or group you're involved with. Consultancy is more of a networking exercise. Good luck.
I would take some marketing courses to firm up on the business end. Search engine optimization (SEO) is also much in demand, and will take you far if you really know what you are doing.

Ralph Winters


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