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Companies hiring data miners and statisticians (part 2)

Sometime ago Dr.Vincent has started a discussion named "Companies hiring data miners and statisticians". That discussion was pretty useful for someone (like me) who is searching job in the same field. So I would like to ask to all members, are the companies still hiring (with the current economic situation)? what do you think? Is the job market going up / down?

Which of the companies, you think, would hire data miners / statisticians?

Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

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Also interested in this..any info appreciated.. seems to list a number of jobs even by Fannie Mae. There will always be jobs for data miners and stats, just that over the months of searching I realize that some postings may not even include the keywords data mining (or variants) nor statistics. Try also words like machine learning, information retrieval and algorithmic.
Wht is the role of Data Miners ??
Earlier there was some good discussion here on difference between data mining and statistical computing. Here is the link: Also there on number of links on AnalyticBridge main page explaining role of data miners. In short, data miners role is all about finding patterns from the observational/experimental data and, build predictive models based on the collected data. Data miners help decision makers to take data-driven decisions rather than subjective or only opinion-based decisions.
The field is still very good, although a little slow right now because of recent troubles in the financial industry.


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