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Hello everyone,

I am nearing my graduation and currently looking for jobs. I am looking into some certifications which will make my resume more professional. Specifically, I am talking about SAS certification and Java certification. However, having used SAS for my coursework and a couple of projects, I am not sure whether it will add more value to my resume. Also I have good working knowledge of Python. Specifically, I am targeting statisticians / data miners and related jobs.

Since I do not have a degree in computer science, I think Java certification would add more value to my resume.

What do you think? Do the certifications really add value to your resume? Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I like to see SAS Certification on resumes.

In the last few years I see it more and more, and those resumes get priority.

(NOTE to faculty advisors: if you are preparing statisticians for industry, you should promote SAS certification. I'm saying this because I've noticed that some program grads almost always have it and other programs rarely do.)
Thank you for your advise. Now working towards SAS Advanced Programmer certification. I should get this certification in next month. I would also like to learn from your experience.

Dr. Mark Richards has nailed it perfectly for you. I have done SAS EG, SAS BI and SAS Enterprise Miner. I know this for sure- I beat my competitors for a Senior Biostatistician job in UnitedHealth Group because I had the all these certifications to apply quantitative knowledge and experiences I had at that time. Such certifications alongwith good handle on Java and Python should help you quite a bit.

Good Luck!
Thank you Navin.

Can u plz elaborate on the certification program. Is it necessary to have a statistics background to appear for the certification program. What are the prerequisites and what is the difficulty level. How to prepare for this and other related info.
Here's the official info on SAS certification:
Atul ,
I know this post is pretty old. I want to know what materials are best for SAS certification. I use Stata and R all the time but not so much SAS. I want to get good at SAS
SAS has its own certification prep courses, if you have the $$$ to fork over to them. Cheaper options are the online self-paced courses, and I think third parties offer some as well. At the very least, you can look for the curriculum and buy the materials (and probably sell them on craigs list when you finally have the cert). That's for certification.

To get good at SAS programming, do SAS programming. The cert will help you get the job.


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