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What do you use Mathematica for? What do you like / dislike in Mathematica? Can you do statistical analyses such as decision trees with it? Are there any limitations on the size of the datasets that it can handle? How easy it is to use the programming language? Can you export reports or tables in Latex format? Can you read SAS datasets with Mathematica?

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I am a little bit disappointed to see that not many people use Mathematica for statistical modelling!
Anyway, besides the typical theoretical computations in my daily work, I've succesfully used Mathematica for statistical analysis of large datasets (one of these actually not so large). The only drawback is that Mathematica tends to keep all in ram and thus it requires huge computational resources. By the way, with a smart alternative to the import function, you can evade this problem.
I never tried to import a SAS dataset but I'll try to do it.
in regards to LaTeX, you can always write your own wrapper functions no matter the language. all you need to is output the right tags and headers. the rest, you just use an ampersand as a delimiter and the "\\" to terminate a row.


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