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Since this network is called AnalyticBridge, I decided to change my picture in my profile, and instead show a picture of the Mathematical Bridge in Cambridge. Anybody recognize this bridge? I crossed it many times when I lived in UK althought I've never seen it under the snow.

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I was going to say, I've crossed every bridge over the Charles River I can think of, but don't recognize that one! Oh, that Cambridge.

Anyway, maybe a bridge in Konigsberg would be more appropriate for this crowd (OK, kind of geeky esoterica).
Vincent - I thought this humorous entry from "Uncyclopedia" was worth sharing...

The Mathematical Bridge - The Mathematical Bridge was designed by the famous mathematician Jean-Paul Sartre
in 1785. As its name implies, the bridge is constructed entirely, although not exclusively, from raw mathematics.

Nobody knew why this was for many years, but recent research by Prof. Thomas Mc Hammer of Cambridge University Materials Sciences may provide the answer. To quote "It would appear that the bridges are supported by antigravitons produced by the quantum neural synaptic field generated by the large brained students in the surrounding area. Should the students leave, there would be massive damage to the infrastructure since the bridge would be consumed by point singularities. Since nobody in Cambridge is capable of building a bridge, provisions and essential stocks would immediately cease to flow into the city centre."
I live in Cambridge too, oh,this cambridge, with harvard and mit.


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