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Of course you can visit and read what they say, or you can tell "it depends what you do with SAS". Yet, I'm curious to read the perspective and opinions from SAS users and managers developing applications with SAS.

I've heard it has hash tables, and indexes for sorting, which makes processing large datasets and text data a lot easier. What other nice features have been introduced in SAS 9?

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what are the main advantages of sas over earlier versions
Great for sorting and programming and i have used extensively for my work, i have wonderful experience with this SAS.
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in SAS 9 we have new procedure " Proc distance" which can be used in cluster analysis
SAS 9.2 add graphics when running stat procs like proc freq. In the example below a frequency plot is produced - which should make it easier when analyzing/ examining your data. Always felt like the obvious move after running proc freq in earlier versions of SAS.

ods graphics on;
proc freq;
tables level2;
ods graphics off;
In sas 9.2 the updates are n in number like the ' nowarn' options is added in the proc append porcedure when using the force option,
2) The WHERE option of the CONTENTS procedure has been restricted.
3) For proc corr procedure Id statement was added...

To know more abt the sas upates in 9.2 refer the link

SAS 9 added the Unicode Server, which supported both single and double-bye character sets. Why is this important? One can now deliver SAS applications which can process multilingual data in a single session. As an example, both Korean and Japanese use double-byte character sets to represent all of the written characters. Not necessary so with Western languages, where all of the characters can be represented in a single byte. So if you are writing SAS applications which will be global consumed, you need version 9.

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