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If you make more than $100k per year,
  • Where do you work (city or employer)?
  • What is your job title?
  • How many employees do you supervise?
  • How many years of experience do you have?
  • What is your degree?

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FYI: The Web Analytics Association Research Committee is doing a study of profile and compensation now... stay tuned.
Hello Vincent,

I was making $110K (9/2007) as a Senior Data Engineer with equity at Full Capture Solutions, Inc in East Hartford, CT. There I was building new statistical models for Text Mining using just Base SAS software. The current existing commercial Text Mining tools did not provide the robustness and sufficient effectiveness for our purposes. We were reading Claim Adjuster Notes for the P&C Insurance Industry (Automobile, Workers Comp, and Property). These notes ranged from just a few lines of free form text to literally pages of Text. Our goal was to determine who was liable for the accident/claim, was there possible subrogation, was subrogation overlooked, did claim adjuster follow Best Practices, were there new types of claims arising that should be recognized, determine claims that would become exploders, and a number of other issues of considerable interest by top Senior Claim Executives.

At Deloitte Touche I left making $105K as a Senior Consultant in Hartford, CT in their Advance Quantitative Services (AQS) unit. We were building P&C Insurance Underwriting Risk Models for the Auto and BOP lines of businesses. We had several site locations in Boston, Chicago, LA, and DC as well as Hartford. Good environment and actually there was not too much traveling, and the people were very intelligent, hardworking and supportive. The only drawback was having 99% of your hours be billable and accounting for your time which I found to be a little annoying in that it did not encourage too much R&D unless it could be billed.

And finally, as an independent SAS Consultant, I bill my time at $60/hr when I work remotely upwards to $85/hr. Much of my work evolves around Fuzzy Match/Merge, Data Cleansing, and the usual Base SAS software building utilities for various industries. There is not too much demand for statistical work on a remote basis but now and then I am asked to generate statistical reports/analysis.

I have been using SAS since 1979, have a BS degreee in Mathematics with 40 plus grad hrs in Statistics. In my last 2 FT positions, I was NOT supervising any staff but rather working along side in a Team Environment.

Charles Patridge
charles_s_patridge at prodigy DOT net
Thanks Charles for your contribution.
Hello Vincent;

I am in the > $100K/year range for the past 20 years. I am working in Southern California for a large food company designing new products through the use of data mining and d-optimal experimental design. Currently I am the Director of a group of 5 people who gather taste and consumer data to develop models on our products performance. I also use combinations of data mining and text mining to analyze consumer feedback through 1-800 customer complaint and comment data. We also get involved in supporting other functional areas of the business (QA, Operations, Legal, HR, Marketing and Consumer Insights) to lend data mining assistance where it is beneficial. Prior to joining the current global food company I have been with for the past 8 years, I was at another global Food company in Southern California doing a similar role of data mining, d-optimal experimental design and optimization on a different category of foods, again at compensation > $100 k/yr.

I can tell you that my work has had dramatic impacts on the bottom lines for both companies and they have compensated me accordingly for it.

I have a Ph.D. in Microbiology and have 23 years experience.

Where do you work (city or employer)? --- The Hartford Insurance Group
What is your job title? ------- Director of Research
How many years of experience do you have? -- 12
What is your degree? ------- Ph.D. in Operations Research
Hello Vincent,
I am over $100k a year but I'm working in Switzerland and I'm not sure it can be compared with US salaries.
Anyway, I'm working for Sogeti, a subsidiary of Cap Gemini, as Web Analytics Senior Consultant.
Our web analytics team is really small: 2 people (incl. me).
I have 12 years of experience and managing both, the team and the offering (meaning defining the services we offer, the strategy, partnerships, etc...).
I as well make in excess of 100K. I work for AMC Theatres as VP Strategic Research and have been with them for almost 20 years. My degree is MS Mathematics from Carnegie-Mellon Uinversity, however my experience in the theatrical exhibition industry goes back to when I worked as a concession employee at a drive-in theatre at 16 years of age some 40 years ago.

My range of duties includes industry trend analysis, forecasting, spatial interaction site modeling, damage loss analysis in legal matters, and analysis of anti-trust concerns regarding mergers and acquisitions. No one reports to me and I report to the CEO of the company. In the past I have supervised the group that managed our largest cost center, film exhibition costs.

Currently I'm focusing on improving short and long term forecasting through a combination of predictive markets, statistical research, and possibly web analytics with the hope of partnership with an outside entity.

We are headquartered in Kansas City where we are eagerly awaiting the temperate onset of spring.

Doug Stone
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