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A good open source library for Natural Language Processing?

Does anyone know about a good open source library for Natural Language Processing? It would be great if it incorporates the stop-words removal and a good steaming algorithm (like Porter's) (the language is not really important, but R or java would be nice).

I am interested in analyzing reviews from a retail website, so it would be great if it can extract not only words but some phrases that represent the feeling/perception (i.e. the library can extract not only the words but the phrase "do not like" as a unit of meaning).

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Take a look at the TM package for R.

-Ralph Winters

What about the Text Mining Plugin for RapidMiner. The company behind the open source tool has recently released a commercial application for sentiment analysis and I bet they used (among other stuff) the specified plugin.

Here is the link to the source and application:




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