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IQ training facility offers AbInitio Online Training. Our AbInitio trainers come with vast work experience and teaching skills. Our Ab Initio training online is regarded as the one of the Best online training in India. All our students were happy and able to find Jobs quickly in USA, UK, Singapore, Japan, Europe. Ab Initio  training online is your one stop solution to learn AbInitio at the comfort of your home with flexible schedules.

The Ab Initio software is a fourth generation data analysis, batch processing, data manipulation graphical user interface (GUI)-based parallel processing product which is commonly used toextract, transform, and load (ETL) data. The Ab Initio product also allows for processing of real-time data.

Ab Initio has a Two Tier Architecture with a Graphical Development Environment(GDE) and the Co>Operating system coupled together to form a client-server like architecture.

>Introduction to Abinitio with excellent faculties
>Departition Components
>Multifile System(MFS)
>Transform Components
>Working with Databases
>Miscellaneous component
>Dataset Components
>FTP Components
>Compress Components
>Validate Component
>Translate components

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Contact: Email:[email protected], USA:+1 732-475-4280, India:+91 9573481637.

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