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Hi guys,

I have some doubts regarding oversampling. I am trying to predict the probability of a person to unsubscribe from emails for an online retailer. I plan to run a Logistic regression model for this purpose on 5% of my total user base which is around 3 million.
In my total population the % of unsubscribers is around 10%. I have Oversampled my 5% Random sample such that it has 25% unsubscribers. Now to run any cross-tabs or test some hypothesis should I assign weights as my data is Oversampled and if so how to assign Weights??
Can I assign a weights of 10% / 25% for Unsubscribers and 90% / 75% for subscribers??

Please advice.


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Hi Tom,

Thanks for the reply. But can I assign a weight of 0.1/0.25=0.4 for Unsubscribers and 0.9/0.75=1.2 for Subscribers. Would this make sense.

Hi Guys,

One more doubt regarding Cross-tabs. When I run a 2x2 cross-tab, I get a P-Value<0.001 but the Phi-coefficient is very very low at 0.0063. When i just look at p-value it might show that both variables are correlated but my Phi-coefficient being very low can i conclude the variables are independent?


Are you building a predictive model? If so are you using the model to rank only or do you need *accurate* probabilities as well? If its the former, I would say there is no reason to be concerned with weighting the data back (validate the model on a hold out of regular density though). If you really need accurate standard errors then weights alone are not enough I dont believe and you should use software specific to the task (e.g. Proc SurveyLogistic in SAS).

Here is a post you may be interested in for oversampling adjustment in general:

While oversampling is vital for many techniques, I have always found logistic regression to be quite insensitive to rare events- especially with an event denity of 10% which is not really rare compared to database marketing and fraud detection! You could try model building both ways and if oversampling does not provide significant improvement, dont do it.


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