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Looking for salary data for Analytics positions...any references or resources would be appreciated!

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From (you can try a different query, here I searched for statistician):

Average Salary of Jobs with Related Titles
In USD as of Jan 9, 2010

Mathematical Statistician: $87,000
Statistician Health: $91,000
Statistician: $76,000
Supervisory Statistician: $102,000
Survey Statistician: $63,000
Statistician Medicine: $93,000
Senior Statistician: $87,000
Supervisory Mathematical Statistician: $102,000
Mathematics Statistician: $89,000
Clinical Statistician: $102,000

And for data analyst:

Data Analyst: $57,000
Business Intelligence Analyst: $79,000
Operations Research Analyst: $93,000

It would be nice to have a breakdown per years of experience though. Of course, Analyst is usually Junior, while Statistician is a bit more senior.

You can get salary surveys from professional organizations, such as The American Statistical Association.
Thanks, Vincent - appreciate the help!
Another resource would be the yearly salary information offered by the American Statistical Association:

Yearly survey results are broken out into the following categories:
1) Academic, by type of institution and title
2) Business, Industry and Government
3) Biostatistics and Biomedical

All results are in *.pdf files. Membership in the ASA is not required to access this information.

Oops, I just saw the last line of Vincent's post, where he alludes to the ASA.... Hope this is of some use anyway.....


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