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My name is Harsh gajjar. I'm a BtechBioinformatician . I'm currently working as a SAS Programmer in clinical research organization.


I've been extensively involved in providing sas programming solutions in clinical trials. I have also cleared the SAS business intelligence certified exam. I have also contributed in the SAS BIrelated work in clinical trials.


I would like to excel in the fieldof business analytics. I have a basic knowledge of math’s and statistics, only because we had these subjects during my bachelor degree of bioinformatics.


However I'm confused whether this (analytics)field falls in MS or MBA?


IF MS than exactly what is it called?Considering my domain as pharma I would like to have an opinion on what is the scope of analytics in the field of pharma?


IF MBA than what is thespecialization in MBA preferred for a business analyst.


If i make a transition from pharma to market analytics, than what exactly is the mathematical knowledge required.


How much analytics is  covered up  in case of MBA?

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I wouldn't get too caught up in the type of degree it is...if you're goal is management I think a run of the mill MBA will suffice but if you are seeking a more technical role i'm sure an MS will help.

Hello Stephen,


My basic interest is management, but I would like to know the scope of management in Pharma related to basically SAS Background,since I have a SAS Programming experience which I would prefer to pitch in as an experience before opting for the course.

I have heard and read that majorly Pharma MBA are in marketing business. But i would prefer more of the Operations management or resource management, Business analytics..


So which major in MBA will help me to also reflect my current programming career?

I'd consider a minor in MIS or IT if your school offers it. you should be able to choose courses that apply directly.

Depends on what you want to do. If you want to "design and implement" intelligent solutions for clients then one of the best options in my experience is a part-technical and part-management degree like MIS with a specialization in Data Analytics is a very good option (for example- It's important to have some knowledge of underlying computer science (databases, programming, algorithms and data structures) to design scalable and economically viable systems. Degrees in OR, Management Science and Systems Engg are also good options.

MBA is obviously a more business oriented course and hence there are high chances that you would be involved in BI/Analytics strategy kind of roles where having knowledge of analytics is very important or end up as an end user of BI/Analytics systems to analyze data and make intelligent decisions. 

These boundaries are of course not rigid and you could still end up in strategy roles after MS or design solutions after an MBA. From what you've written, it seems MBA would be more towards your liking. MBA in supply chain, operations and other such quantitative disciplines is a good option.

We, at the Institute of Systems s Science,will be offering a course, Analytics for Pharmaceutical Professionals, as part of a Specialist Diploma or masers degree in Business Analytics.the topics covered will be Patient Diary Studies, Key Opinion Leader Studies, Awareness Trial and Usage Studies, Omnibus Studies, Recall Test Studies, Brand Positioning Studies, etc. These topics cover many of the marketing Analytics topics for organizations in the pharmaceutical industry. Hope this helps..

Hello Carol,


First of all thanks, for this recommendation.

I would really appreciate if I can have a look into the course contents and modules included.

Can you please send me the details or the link on [email protected].



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