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AnalytiX™ Mapping Manager - Enterprise Data Mapping Tool – Grand Prize Winner Of Informatica Market Place

AnalytiX™ Mapping Manager is the first enterprise tool in the integration industry bringing standards, management and collaboration to one of the remaining area in the data integration space: pre-ETL source to target mapping. Another critical pain area been address by Mapping Manager is one of versioning and the central repository of the mapping based on user roles such as Bas, ETL developers and data architects, most importantly it aims at automating an almost fully manual process. MS Excel currently occupies the space, but does it very poorly and the Mapping Specs cannot be managed or versioned appropriately for system integration projects.


AnalytiX™: Mapping Manager brings standards, control, auditability, traceability and versioning across all integration projects at the enterprise level. The 3.0 planned release is targeting the integration of the Mapping Specs directly with the market leaders in ETL to provide a direct integration point with the mapping specification requirements to the ETL jobs


AnalytiX™ is the winner of Informatica’s Best Complimentary Technology Solution Award. AnalytiX™ takes GRAND PRIZE beating over 140 other complimentary technology Solutions to Automate the Data Mapping Process, Improve Data Quality and Enable Better Management of the Data Mapping Process


For further details please have a look at our website & and you can write to me at [email protected] , we are also offering a Complimentary Seat-License (Full named user license at no cost – Promotional offer valid until end of year 2011).

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