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Are the HOPES for discovery of CURES for disease coming from EMR, BIG DATA, and PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS realistic?

We are seeing more and more discussions about ELECTRONIC MEDICAL RECORDS and the possibilities of more efficient, more cost effective, and more accurate medicine / health care delivery; we are seeing statements like the one in a recent "Information Week" blog:

"As electronic medical records become the norm, researchers across many areas of medical research are hoping that the availability of vast data sets and the use of big data techniques like machine learning will unlock new discoveries that might lead to cures."


The conflicting views on use of personal data as described by HIPPA vs. 'Meaningful Use' directives will have to be resolved first, I think ..... And that may take time, maybe years ?

What do you think?

Read more about this in:

Michael J. Fox Foundation Points Big Data at Parkinson's




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