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I've been exploring free DM software solutions, but I must confess I'm quite lost by now. With this in mind, I would like your opinion on this:
"What do you recon is the best open source DM software available, weighting ease of work and powerfulness of the algorithims".
Please state your opinions.

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I understand and value the importance of the OSI definition. I agree that it is important that people use the term "open source" uniformly with just one meaning. Clearly, this helps to avoid a lot of misunderstanding. I was wondering if there was a consensus on what to call the software with source code that is open (here I'm trying to avoid the term) in the simplest meaning. To cite yourself: "where you have access to see the source code".
Well, Microsoft has something called Shared Source, but it might also have a very specific meaning, which I do not know about.

I do not think there is a clearcut short answer that is broadly accepted, but you could always just write it as "MyGreatSoftwarePackage with source code access" :-)
Jens (and Alexander).

Thanks for your replies.

Really sorry for the misuse of the term "open source". (and by the way thank you for defining it). This happens because my background is more mathematician than computer scientist, but still shoudn't be an excuse.

In fact I had already realized my mistake when Jon Crout replyed to the some post in late November. To avoid any more misunderstanding I will try to change the title-

No need to be sorry or change anything.

The question is still very good, and all the replies have also been useful for me.

It is not you or any of the respondents that I am "after" :-)

It just annoys me when software companies claim to produce open source software, when they in reality don't.

I hope I didn't come across as critical of your usage; in my reply I meant only to clarify what the reply was applicable to, and there was a reason (one that still applies).

If someone else has stated this already, forgive me for being redundant.

In the "battle" waged by Microsoft against LInux and against the Open Source community, someone brought attention to the fact that "Open Source" is not necessarily "free", which was relevant (and remains relevant) because "free" can mean either "without money" or "without restriction". Most applications of Open Source will require money to purchase something, if the environment is large enough.

WIth regard to your question, I agree -- there is no reason for you to apologize. If I seemed critical there is a need for me to do so! For your needs, as long as you are receiving the information yyou sought to obtain by your question, it seems to me there is no reason to change it.

(As for Microsoft's Shared Source, there is a concise definition on Wikipedia ==> here is the URL:

Just a little comment - starting with version 2.1, KNIME is released under GPL.

Cheers, Michael
I'm using free Open Source data mining software "RapidMiner" and I can tell you it is powerful. Just try it for yourself.

There is a online video tour to get you started with the open source data mining software RapidMiner:

RapidMiner and its documentation (including the 600 page PDF Tutorial with an extensive introduction and a even more extensive data mining operator reference describing the more than 500 available data mining operators) can be downloaded for free:

After starting RapidMiner, you also have a Online Tutorial in the program (on the start-up screen and also in the "Help" menu under "Tutorial") with many exemplary data mining processes and extensive explainations. These processes cannot only be viewed, but also be run, modified, run again, etc. Hence this is a really interactive tutorial to get hands on quickly.

There also is a forum for help from other users:

I hope this helps. Have fun using RapidMiner!

Best regards,
Ralf Klinkenberg
Hi Luis,

My favorites are :
- R-project with R commander , Rattle and the ggobi package
- Octave
- Orange + python

I used R and Weka in multiple occasions on commercial projects.

For what it's worth, here is a link to free statistical software on the web:

I don't have an affiliation with this page or any opinions about the software listed (most of it I have not looked at). However, it is free, and may suit your needs.



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