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I've been working on a model to predict the outcome of certain sporting events. It started as a for-fun side project which I didn't really expect to succeed - but over the last 6 months the model has performed surprisingly well. Now I'm wondering what to do with it. So far all I've come up with is:

  • Start making bets (I have a bit of an ethical qualm with this one)
  • Start making bets and donate profits to charity (maybe Gamblers Anonymous for an ironic flair)
  • Publish it in an academic journal as evidence of betting market inefficiencies, etc.
  • Publicize the predictions and watch the effect on gamblers' decisions, as a sort of social experiment

Do you have any more creative (or more profitable) ideas?


Tags: experimentation, prediction, sports

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Hey, can u share the details of the model as to which sport doest it predict. What kind of predictive techniques have u used (regression or something else)? 

I guess the model can be used for academic purposes. I too was working on something on these lines. 

Not to mention, u can make good money out of this .. ;) :)

Thanks for your reply.

Sorry, but the prediction mechanism itself is the secret sauce - If you're interested in purchasing the system please make me an offer!


For some suggestions, send e-mail to [email protected] .


John Chandler


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