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Beta test a tool for data science in the cloud (respond by Oct 7)

I want to introduce a new data science tool I'm working on called Domino.
Domino makes it easy to run your R, Matlab, or Python data analysis in the
cloud, freeing up your computer while the data is crunched. You type one
command from our command-line interface, and Domino packages up all your
project files, sends them over to the cluster, and runs your code. If
you've ever thought about using AWS to run your jobs but didn't want to
deal with setting up your own server, we'd love your feedback on Domino.
Check out the video at for more details.

We're accepting a new wave of beta users next week. If you'd like to try
it out, please email me at [email protected] by Monday, Oct 7 and we'll
get you a free account, and even get on the phone with you to help you set
up your first project.

Matthew Granade
Co-founder, Domino

Tags: AWS, Matlab, Python, R, cloud

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