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Business analytics e-learning courses developed by SARK7 for Accenture Academy

The Organizational Brain

The Organizational Brain

1. Defining the Business Analytics Process

Business analytics is a process that transforms data into insights to drive value-creating decisions. It connects organizational problems to data that is analyzed using various methods, software tools, systems, and experts. The resulting insights lead to increased revenue and cost reductions….more

E-Learning course: Applying Business Analytics in Decision Analysis

For stakeholders responsible for making, facilitating, and supporting critical decisions, it is crucial to understand the basics of decision analysis. Thus, managers and employees need to know:
•What decision analysis and business analytics are.
•How to frame business objectives and refine…more

E-Learning course: Explaining Discrete Simulation Analysis

Discrete simulation analysis offers a powerful approach for assessing system dynamics and making decisions in complex business environments. This course provides a foundation in scoping, designing, running, and interpreting the two types of discrete simulations—discrete event and multi-agent simulation.

E-Learning course: Implementing Business Analytics in an Organization

A successful business analytics program hinges on the integration of people, processes, and systems. This course guides you through the steps of assessing, planning, and implementing a successful analytics program for your organization.

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