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Call for Speakers - BIWA Summit'16 The Oracle Big Data + Analytics User Conference, January 26-28, 20016

Call for Speakers - BIWA Summit'16
The Oracle Big Data + Analytics User Conference
January 26-28, 20016

Oracle Conference Center at Oracle HQ Campus

Redwood Shores, CA


500+ Attendees | 40+ Speakers | Hands-on Labs | Technical Content | Networking


Hosted by:

  • Business Intelligence, Warehousing, & Analytics (BIWA) Special Interest Group (SIG)
  • Spatial and Graph SIG
  • Northern California Oracle Users Group (NoCOUG)

What Successes Can You Share?


We want to hear your story. Submit your proposal today for Oracle BIWA Summit 2016.

Proposals will be accepted through Monday evening, November 2, 2015, at midnight EST.

Don't wait, though-we're accepting submissions on a rolling basis, so that selected sessions can be published early on our online agenda.


Click HERE to submit your abstract(s).

 Please note:

  • Presentations must be noncommercial.
  • Sales promotions for products or services disguised as proposals will be eliminated.
  • Speakers whose abstracts are accepted will be expected to submit (at a later date) a PowerPoint presentation slide set.
  • Accompanying technical and use case papers are encouraged, but not required.

Speakers whose abstracts are accepted will be given a complimentary registration to the conference. (Any additional co-presenters must register for the event separately and provide appropriate registration fees. It is up to the co-presenters' discretion which presenter to designate for the complimentary registration.


This Year's Tracks

Proposals can be submitted for the following tracks:

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Big Data
  • Business Intelligence
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Warehousing and Integration
  • Internet of Things
  • Spatial and Graph


More about the Conference

Oracle BIWA Summit 2016 is organized and managed by Oracle BIWA SIG, Oracle Spatial SIG, and Oracle Northern California User Group. The event attracts top BI, data warehousing, analytics, Spatial, IoT, and Big Data experts.


The three-day event includes keynotes from industry experts, educational sessions, hands-on labs, and networking events.


Hot Topics include: 

  • Database, data warehouse and cloud, Big Data architecture
  • Deep dives and hands-on labs on existing Oracle BI, data warehouse, and analytics products
  • Updates on the latest Oracle products and technologies (e.g. Big Data Discovery, Oracle Visual Analyzer, Oracle Big Data SQL)
  • Novel and interesting use cases on everything - Spatial, Graph, Text, Data Mining, IoT, ETL, Security, Cloud
  • Working with Big Data (e.g., Hadoop, "Internet of Things," SQL, R, Sentiment Analysis)
  • Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE), Oracle Big Data Discovery, Oracle Spatial, and Oracle Advanced Analytics-Better Together

Visit to download copies of last year's presentations and hands-on labs.


A sampling of last year's sessions is included at the bottom of this message.


For More Information

The 2016 conference site is coming soon.  See


For questions on the proposal submission process, contact [email protected]


We look forward to seeing you in January!!


Dan Vlamis and Shyam Nath

Conference Co-Chairs 



Example talks from the 2015 Conference:

  • YesSQL! a celebration of SQL and PL/SQL, Steven Feuerstein, Oracle, Andy Mendelsohn, VP, Oracle
  • Using Advanced Analytics - R and Data Miner. Fiserv Case Study: Fraud Detection in Online Payments, Julia Minkowski & Miguel Barrera, FiServ
  • SQL Is the Best Development Language for Big Data Tom Kyte, Oracle
  • The Data Revolution Doug Cutting, Cloudera
  • Cloud-Based Analytics in Action, Ken Inman, Neustar
  • Scaling indexes for very large and very busy databases, Sai Devabhaktuni , PayPal/eBay
  • Using Location Analysis in Large Scale Operational Systems Siva Ravada, Oracle
  • Bringing Oracle Big Data SQL to OBIEE and ODI, Mark Rittman, Rittman Mead
  • Oracle's BI and Big Data Strategy, Matt Bradley, VP, Oracle
  • Oracle Big Data: Strategy and Roadmap, Neil Mendelson, VP, Oracle
  • Big Data SQL: Oracle SQL Access to Hadoop, Brian Macdonald, Oracle
  • The Rise and Fall of the NoSQL Empire, Iggy Fernandez, NoCOUG
  • Scaling Imagery Inventory Management with Oracle Spatial and Graph on Exadata Paul Welding, DigitalGlobe
  • LocationBox: Deploying Nationwide, Scalable LBS Solutions at Turkey's National Credit Registry Ali Ufuk Peker & Kerem Par, Infotech
  • Edge Analytics with Oracle Event Processing, Prabhu Thukkaram, Oracle
  • Oracle Database In-Memory Option - The Next Big Thing, Andy Rivenes, Oracle
  • Performance Gains with Spatial and Graph Using Oracle Database 12c Steve Pierce, Think Huddle & Nick Salem, Neustar
  • Comparative Performance Benchmarks: Oracle Spatial and Graph with Oracle Database 12c Simon Greener, The Spatial DB Advisor
  • Architecting Multi-Tenancy Analytics in the Cloud Using OBIEE, Hadoop and Oracle DB, Mayank Srivastava, Xtime
  • Big Data Analytics for Industrial Internet, Shyam Nath, GE, Dave Bartlett, GE
  • Personalized Healthcare using large genomic datasets and Oracle Exadata, Rene Kuipers, VX Company
  • Spatial Data Infrastructure for the Region of Moscow -- Managing 100 TB of Geospatial Data Alexander Stavitsky, CSoft-Terra
  • Oracle Database In-Memory And Exadata: Do I Still Need Exadata?, Matthew Steinberg, Oracle
  • Creating a 3D Model for Noise Simulation at a National Railways Agency, Marcus Briesen, disy Informations systeme
  • Oracle BI and Geo-Spatial Big Data Antony Heljula, Peak Indicators Limited
  • Geomarketing Analysis: for Italy's Leading Supermarket Chain, Unicoop Firenze, Michele Sacchi, Bridge Consulting
  • Innovative Approaches to Modeling GPS/GNSS Construction Data Tracy McLane, Bechtel
  • Geofencing for Descriptive Police Analytics, Chris Hughes, Oracle
  • Oracle Big Data Discovery - Introduction, Chris Lynskey, Oracle
  • Oracle BI Cloud Service : What is it, and Where Will it be Useful?, Francesco Tisiot, Rittman Mead Consulting
  • Oracle Using Oracle Advanced Analytics to Target the Right Customers with the Right Oracle Products, Sumbo Ajisafe and Frank Heiland, Oracle
  • Seeing is Believing in Real Estate: Using Oracle Spatial and Graph and Oracle FMW MapViewer, Gina Marie O'Dierno & Anastasia Bertolet, Oracle
  • Effectively Integrate Geospatial Technologies from GIS to Oracle Spatial in Real Estate Sector, Francisco J Rojas Duran, DASOFT
  • Is Oracle Golden Gate a Suitable Replacement for Oracle Change Data Capture?, Stewart Bryson, Red Pill Analytics

Example Hands-on Labs from the 2015 Conference:

  • Learn Predictive Analytics in 2 hours!! Oracle Data Miner 4.0Charlie Berger, Oracle Brendan Tierney, Oralytics, Karl Rexer, Rexer Analytics
  • Oracle Big Data SQL: Unified SQL Analysis Across the Big Data Platform, Marty Gubar, Oracle
  • OBIEE Data Visualization: The "How" and the "Why" Daniel Adams & Andy Rocha, Rittman Mead Consulting
  • Java MapReduce Beyond WordCount, Arijit Das, Naval Postgraduate School
  • Learn to build an analytic application with Oracle's Spatial tools, Dan Geringer & Eve Kleiman, Oracle
  • Using Oracle R Enterprise, Mark Hornick, Oracle, Tim Vlamis, Vlamis Software
  • Integrating Oracle Advanced Analytics into OBIEE dashboards, Dan Vlamis and Tim Vlamis, Vlamis Software
  • Fast, Parallel Graph Analysis for Identifying Influencers in Customer Churn, Sungpack Hong, Oracle, Genia Trofimova, Oracle

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