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Can CITIES, like SEATTLE, be made smarter using Cloud (e.g. Big Data) and Predictive Analytics ?

Could cloud technologies, predictive software and predictive analytics tools help cities and their buildings smarter?


This is one question we can ask of our current "BIG DATA" deludge.......................

A partial answer is presented in:


With a particular look at SEATTLE:


Population: 634,535; 4 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area

Project:  Partnership between the City of Seattle, Microsoft, Accenture and the Seattle 2030 District, aimed at reducing power consumption through real-time data analysis of four Seattle buildings.

Goal:  Reduce downtown energy usage by 25 percent with smart buildings.

Note that this SEATTLE example is a PARTNERSHIP between the city and for-profit business, MICROSOFT and ACENTURE in this case ........


Interesting model for the future.

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Talking about Seattle, we have all the clouds that you can find in the world, both literally (multiple layers of clouds in the sky, from October to June), and virtually (Amazon AWS). None of them are leveraged by the city, as far as I know.


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