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Can predictive analytics and mining of social media data help stop the explosion in the health care costs?

Maybe using healthcare crowdsourcing. I could see people turning to social media and online forums to obtain medical help and advice, and even to learn how to manufacture drugs, and find alternatives to traditional medicine.

It would actually further increase healthcare fees as doctors and hospitals would see a drop in the number of patients and medical visits, and they would have to recoup losses by increasing prices. But for the average, fairly healthy person, it would definitely translate into massive savings - replacing doctor visits with 

  • online medical advice provided by people all over the world, sharing their experiences to cure problems, 
  • find the best and cheapest doctors, 
  • accessing centralized databases of medical knowledge and online diagnostic and drug prescription tools and API's, 
  • or to find recipes to manufacture generic versions of these drugs.

Legal issues would be solved by having these websites hosted in foreign countries.

What do you think? Feel free to share your opinion!

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We are currently testing Soft10 in the healthcare industry. Soft10 is fully automatic prediction software. Its networks of self learning nodes provides unparallel accuracy. So, Soft10 being automatic and accurate would be probably tool of choice for providing services to social media like medical diagnostic, best therapy, .....on line in automatic fashion and in full privacy, since it is automatic.


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