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These were features that I liked in Perl. Wondering if there is a way to make it work with Python?

  • Automated memory allocation / de-allocation (for variables, arrays, hash tables etc.)
  • Turning your program into an executable (that is, pre-compiled.)
  • Automated variable initialization (variables, arrays don't even need to be declared, much less initialized)
  • Automated type casting (e.g. automatically treating a same variable as an integer or string depending on the context: integer when performing a multiplication, or string for concatenation)

You are going to say that this makes for terrible programming, but in my case I use the code only for myself, and I'd rather focus on the algorithms rather than the coding / debugging itself. Also, wondering if there are options for automated de-bugging.

Also wondering how to produce sounds in Python, and which random number generator it uses. Finally, is high precision computing (like 500 digits of accuracy)  is reliable in Python, using the default BigNum libraries?


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