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CEO support teams with Business Strategies Operations Research personnel backgrounds, suggestions?

I'm writing an oil production proposal and realized we are lacking CEO teams with Business Strategies Operations Research (OR) personnel to solve company wide continuous math models of their company's various processes; e.g. Refining, Inventory, Distribution, maintenance, etc. The Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) math models normally involve Ordinary or Partial Differential Equations (ODEs or PDEs). Engineers & Scientists know this stuff and should be responsible for modeling & simulating these processes. But, mention 'optimize' to an Engineer and they seem to freak-out :(. So, we are seeking OR modeling people to help CEOs model company processes & test business strategies using War Gaming. Might your group be interested in the following ... (if so, please download the free FC-Compiler app, install, & run some demos to get more of an idea on type of problem-solving possible ... see bottom for link)

Math Problem-Solving using a Calculus-level Programming language were developed by NASA's Apollo Space program. Such languages increase a user’s productivity by many orders of magnitude. These languages are based on Automatic Differentiation (AD).

War Game Business Strategies: (from the Internet) “In a war game, teams of the senior managers of a company play their own company, a select group of their competitors and the marketplace. A control team plays all other entities that affect the industry. The exercise simulates a set of business conditions and offers lessons and guidance for the real thing.” Ever considered buying, selling, or trading companies?

(Continuous) Modeling & Simulation’s next step is (Mathematical) Optimizations. Optimizations require an Objective (function). Today's Engineers & Scientists solve problems with a “Find X” mind-set. With some Operational Research training they could expand their thinking to a “Find X to Optimize Y” mind-set. Then they would be ready for Optimizations, Calculus-level programming and software. (This would drop today’s design times that require months even man years to one or two days! Manufacturing processes could be optimized to the days demand and thus maximize their profits.)

“Find X to Optimize Y” thinking among professors will cause most Engineering & Science textbooks to be rewritten with optimization examples and discussions. This will be great stuff for industries and government; applied engineering and/or science not just theories.

Visit for more info.

Thanks, Phil

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