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I'm a survey programmer for the past 3.5 yrs. Mainly focused on developing online/cati/offline surveys for market research purpose. I would like to switch my career and start with Analytics or Data warehousing. clueless on how to start preparing for it. If anyone can suggest/guide me, it would be great.

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Hi Sri,


Your situation is very similar to mine in that I come from a client/server programming background and after doing that for over 10 years, I was introduced, by a friend, to a statistical programming language called R.  I developed a passion for it and wanted to learn as much about it as possible.  Not just from the programming side but also from the analsis side which includes beefing up the quantitative skills, which I am currently doing.  I would imagine that the one true possible path to preparing for it is to take classes and obtain a degree in the field.  There are many sites and free classes available that you could engage in, as you are with this site.  Just get started in some area and begin from there.  If you run across things you don't know in your journey, then learn about it and move forward.  Just my 2 cents:)


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