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Is anyone familiar with this company? They don't seem to be advertising in the traditional analytics channels -- I just discovered them by chance. Executives are coming from Fingerhut.

Bill Flach
CEO, Co-Founder

If you attend database-marketing conferences or read industry publications, it’s likely you know Bill. He helps marketers master business intelligence, CRM, IT, credit and more. Before co-founding clario Analytics, Bill replaced 30-year-old mainframe legacy systems with the modern database platform used by Fingerhut Companies and Cable Value Network (now QVC).

Randy Erdahl
President, Co-Founder

Randy is an acknowledged pioneer in the database marketing and business intelligence community. His expertise has trained, developed and recruited many of the industry’s finest. Before co-founding clario Analytics, Randy contributed millions of additional dollars annually to Fingerhut Companies as the visionary leader for analytics, a core competency.

Matt Redlon
Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder

If you love clario® and clario® stream, give Matt a round of applause. Matt applied his wealth of knowledge in data mining tools and techniques to serve as lead designer of the latest clario Analytics product suite. Before co-founding clario Analytics, Matt led strategic analysis, market research and product development teams within United Health Group. He, too, has worked for Fingerhut.

Scott Spencer
Managing Principal

Scott knows too much about statistical testing, predictive modeling, Web analytics and reporting. Fortunately, our clients who have benefited from his consulting and strategic leadership in the creation of our product suite do not seem to mind. Scott used his analytic prowess to lead multiple teams at Lands’ End and, yes, Fingerhut.

Doug Faherty
Managing Principal

Doug deeply understands strategic customer segmentation, reporting and analysis, and long-term value. He offers expertise in innovative business analysis and advanced quantitative marketing methods to increase the efficiency and profitability of marketing campaigns. Doug pioneered strong database marketing revolutions at L.L. Bean and Fingerhut.

They have an interesting blog:

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let's not forget that Eden Prairie’s netPerceptions' had Amazon as their flagship client, then when Amazon dumped them Fingerhut took that role in their customer portfolio. In fact, I think it was Fingerhut that bought up all the corporate shell structure when netP went belly-up.

Analytical SaaS with collaborative features and nice interface. It sounds interesting, and these guys are hawking the NCDM/DMA lingo when discussing customer insight. When I was on the IBM data mining Task Force s Sr. Mgr. Data Mining at MCI in the mid-90's the promise of desktop data mining for everyone (especially executives who didn't need to depend upon "programmers" anymore) .

Then IntelligentMiner came out with a $500,000 price tag and a legacy of only statisticians being able to use it.

I wonder. Has the world learned enough about analytics, not just reporting, such that this kind of tool can actually find a niche in corporate America? What do you think? Has the world showed a general increase in quantitative savvy since 1996?

Since most people I talk to don't have a clue as to why the average Bush tax break could be $1400 but only 7% of the population got at least that much back in tax rebates tells me a lot. I understand why, and so do you. But few in the mainstream do, so if they have trouble with simple distribution theory like that, does Analytical SaaS sound viable? Hmmmm.

Thanks, Vincent. I should thank you more for your leadership. I admire your pluck, not to mention your analytical savvy and insight into this "new" marketplace!

Hi, Vincent:

We has been talking to them in the past couple months regarding their solution on customer contact stream optimization. It seems like they can offer solution to this kind of optimization problems but they can charge you big in the long run.

From my perspective, if you outsource this kind of optimization problem to them, you will be totally dependent on them and if something happens to this connection, you are back to ground zero. On the other hand, they can get you off ground right away and that is the advantage if you decide to go with them.

I have background on OR and I am trying to build my own optimization model to solve our contact stream optimization. The advantage of taking this route is that if it works out at the end, we will have the knowledge and expertise in house and save quite a bit of money. But it may take time to get it going.
Hi Vincent,

We hired Clario Analytics to create some data models for a web marketing analytics project this past summer. They demonstrated great in-depth analytical expertise and they were a pleasure to work with!

John Seiler
BI Analyst, W3i, LLC.


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