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Comparison on RapidMiner, SAS Enterprise Miner, R and orange

hi. I'm currently evaluating on the data mining tools above. I would like to ask some question.

1) how good is the tools in accessing and managing data? Which is the best software among the four tools?

2) Is Enterprise miner a machine learning tools?

3) Does Orange, R and Enterprise miner supports multi-cores?

4) Orange is a white box or black box tools?

5) Enterprise Miner provides scripting data mining? 

Any other good information that can help me do a clear comparison between these 4 data mining tools will be good.


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See .

Next survey will be in early 2013.

Hi Balázs thanks for the detailed replies. I am a newbie in R but given the documentation, forums available etc I can sense R is most state of the art as well as easy to use tool in data mining. However I work in a Big Data team (in Hadoop ecosystem). Can you please tell me:

1) How large data sets can R handle through ff package etc?

2) Can R connect to Hadoop through foreach package or any other packages?

3) If answer to 2) is yes, rre algos in R parallelized or only connector is available

4) Is Rev R the answer to big data analytics?

Your response will be deeply appreciated


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