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Converting infinite series to finite series, a problem cited here in 2016, is 4000 years old.

IEEE has long noted that Egyptians were first to convert base 10 to a form of binary arithmetic. The Old Kingdom seemed to round off base 10 numerals and rational numbers by throwing away units as large as 1/64. Nearby Babylonians rounded off much smaller units in its bad 60 numeration system that write 1/91 as 1/90.

However, by 2050 BCE Egyotisn scribes formalized an exact numeration system as the Kahun Papyrus and Ahmes (RMP) 2/n tables report

had scaled n/p by LCM m/m to mn/mp by finding the best divisors of mn that summed to mn. Ahmes often recorded the divisors in red auxiliary numbers, before five-term or shorter unit fraction were recorde in a ciphered numeration system.

Let me stop here. Does anyone wish to comment on this or deeper historical threads that show that scribes also used the modern number theiry property that division was inverse to multiplication and multiplication was inverse to division, literally?

Best Regards to all.


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