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Dear All
Last year when I joined the Analyticbridge, I asked for advice on how to change jobs from being a Statisitician in the Financial sector to a more applied position in the Financial sector.
Well I got an offer from another sister organisation in the same sector, asking me to come over and take over thier initiative to create a Metadata database from the current MS Excel files.
The things is, they have several reporting units across different geographical locations all reporting in different styles. I am expecting to drive this process of re-engineering the change from scratch and directing the process, including the staff involved; training, draft proosals,documentation, and implementation of the whole process. Can anaybody come to my aid with suggestions on how to about it, as I do not want to miss this opportunity.

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Hello ,

This is prasad from Arete services , India . according to the data we can convert into
meta data base. if you explain a bit clearly about excel data input and metadata output.
then we can get how to resolve it.

Thanks & Regards
[email protected]


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