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STATISTICA is well known in the field of Data Mining and SPC.

STATISTICA Data Miner includes all Data mining techniques(Classification/Regression Trees, Association Mining, Cluster Analysis,GAM model etc), ANN , Machine Learning Techniques (Suport Vector Machine, KNN, Naive-Bayes)  complemented by Graphical presentation.

It also provide code in SVB, C++ and PMML, for any Statistical Model which will be very usefull for deployment.


STATISTICA has also a wide range of offering for Statistical Process Control, in the form of ,

a. Statistica Base

b. Quality Control Charts

c. Process Analysis,

d. Design of Experiments.

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Good attachments. I am in the process of creating a credit score and credit limit models and I want to know if STATISTICA provides solution for both credit score and credit limit calculation. Thanks.
Statistica provide a wide range of techniques for Credit scoring including Variable screening, Tree Building methods, Lift Charts, PMML code for deployments etc.

For more details, you can go through the following link

Recently Statsoft came up with new solution called STATISTICA live scoring.
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thanx for sharing...


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