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Has anybody experience with data mining Freebase data?

In particular, I am interested to see how this data could be leveraged in the health care domain.

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thanks for a nice link, i'm just trying to explore... :)
Toby Segaran mines data from freebase in his book "Programming the Semantic Web"
I have his other book, Programming Collective Intelligence. What are the examples he uses from Freebase?
Have you seen There's a lot of data that you can download as spreadsheets.

I used one of those spreadsheets to analyze the geographical distribution of geocoded topics in Freebase.

I don't have any experience in the health care domain but I do know that is built using Freebase data if that's any help.
Thanks for the link.

I was aware of the data dumps that freebase offers. However, I do not think that is the right model for the web moving forward. I believe that the web will organize as a collection of federated systems, for the simple reason that data sets size will make them beholden to some location in the cloud. As such, I am looking for a typical federated style of consuming/collaborating mashup data mining using the Freebase data.

In the other thread with Steffen, the idea of semantic web programming, which in one form is the consumption of RDF data streams, was brought up, and I have been diving in that direction. In that context, the important of ontologies appears to jump out.
If you're looking for the data as RDF you can find the complete Freebase data set published as linked open data at

As far as data federation goes, each Freebase type publishes its own RSS feed of updates. For example, updates to Protein. I imagine that it should be possible to synchronize changes between federated databases using these feeds although I don't know of anyone who is doing that right now.


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