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Frank Diana's BLOG on "transforming medicine" is worth looking at, as it very well may be the way we all are receiving "medical care" in the future (and not "too distant future" ... in fact it is already happening....):



Frank Diana's comment that “Without a course correction, hospitals will lose their central place in medicine and many will disappear”  is NOT outlandish.  Although he is probably referring more to "mobile devices" which can serve remote areas (thus not needing "local hospitals", maybe), and similar things, this phenomena is already going on with certain types of major surgery.  EXAMPLE:  I have a friend who needed hip surgery; in the city where he resides the various hospitals were charging anywhere from $50.000, to $65,000 to over $100.000 for the same operation; this meant going into a HOSPITAL for several days with the REAL RISK of HOSPITAL ("resistant') INFECTIONS.  At the same time, this same operation, with highly qualified doctors, was available for $20.000 as a "Day Surgery Center", meaning the patient did not have to stay overnight and avoided the risk of "hospital infections".  WHAT DOES THIS SAY?  It already PROVES what Frank Diana is saying about "disruption of medicine", among other "disruptions" of the way society functions in our new mobile / technological age.......Not the least of this transformation involves BIG DATA and PREDICTIVE ANALYTIS .......

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