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Dr. Eric Siegels new book, PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS, has been compared to FREAKONOMICS and MONEYBALL ...Have you read it?


Dr. Eric Siegel’s new book Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click,
Buy, Lie, or Die was released by the publisher last February. Already it is being compared to the books of recent years: Freakonomics AND Moneyball ......... which I predicted would happen as I read and helped Eric edit the book's chapters just prior to it being sent to the publisher for production. NOTE: however, that ERIC refused to send me the last chapter to edit ... I had to wait until the books release to read the "ending" - YES, the book has threads of a "mystery novel" running through the chapters, with each successive chapter adding 'more clues' to the ending. It is a book one cannot put down!!!

So I am not surprised to see the response. Currently Eric is on a dinner speaking trip during August. More details on this can be found in the following Business Analytics Blog link:

Have you read Eric's book yet?

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