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Econometric Project Opportunity from AFHood Analytics Group

We have an immediate need for an analytic professional to assist a client with a short term project. Below is a description of the project.

To be considered for this project, you must reply by 12pm EST Monday Nov 16th.
This project does not require any travel.
This project requires the consultant to have all tools necessary to complete the analysis.
Feel free to contact us with any specific questions regarding this project.

Project overview:
This is an econometric study of price elasticity. This project consists of the analysis of historical sales data to determine consumers sensitivity to price when payment is made by USD vs the use of virtual currency. The deliverable will include demand curves for both methods of payment. Consultants must control for things like seasonality, industry trend, and other identifiable factors.

Compensation for this project will be negotiated and commensurate with experience. This is a short term contract opportunity. No benefits offered.

If you are interested, please reply by 12pm EST Monday Nov 16th with a description of similar projects and analysis you've conducted.

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This is Kiran, an analytics professional working out of Bangalore. I'm keen on taking up this assignment. I have had similar project experience in the PC manufacturing industry where I did the price-sensitivity of demand analysis for each line of product (sub series within Thinkpad and Ideapad brands, as I work for Lenovo group). The project involved identifying the model classes where demand is high, computing PED, and identifying the sweet spots / price bands for optimal revenue and margin using demand curves. It was found that some products exihibit point elasticity (where elasticity changes at each point on curve), and some exhibit constant elasticity (of course in a particular price range). The key for calculating the correct elasticity was the right transformation of data. For e.g., in log-log transformation the elasticity is the coefficient of x. The project also accounted for seasonality and promotion offers on products.

I think I'm a good fit for this assignmnet. If you also think the same, please contact me on [email protected]

My LinkedIn profile:

Kiran BM


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