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Are there any companies offering advanced analytics (text mining, taxonomies, scorecards) for email campaign optimization? Many vendors offer solutions for SEO, SEM / PPC campaigns (Omniture, Webtrends, ClickTrack, Efficient Frontier), but I am not familiar with vendors offering predictive modeling and data mining for email campaigns.

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Hi Vincent,

I don't know of many either, only one actually, Proclivity Systems. I had the privilege to work with Sheldon (Gilbert, Founder) when he was Director of BI and DM at Bluefly.
You can manually create a pretty good tracking system even in Google Analytics by tagging each campaign or subset group.

I've also worked with CMS and Analytic systems that tracked email campaigns quite well. Some just require more configuration than others. What level of tracking are you referring to?

Is there a certain type of data you're finding to be lacking in what these systems are currently tracking and gauging?


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