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Fake LinkedIn profiles used in spam scheme: Wendy Houston, Stella Brown

What Stella Brown, VP Marketing at Semperian, and Wendy Houston, VP Operations at Sun Microsystems, have in common?

A VP title, a previous EVP position, a MBA degree obtained long ago, few connections, two listed jobs, no description associated with their two listed jobs, and a large gap in their work history (between their MBA and their first job). Also, they are both in Minneapolis (I doubt that Sun Microsystems has an office in Minneapolis, but correct me if I am wrong).

Most interestingly, they post identical spam messages in various data mining LinkedIn groups. The sales pitch is always "...will tell you how you can earn $132,337.30 from real estate in the next 73 days...".

I assume that there's never been a VP of Operations at Sun Microsystems, with the name of Wendy Houston. If there is one, then this LinkedIn profile has not been created by the real Wendy Houston.

Based on my analysis, I rule out the possibility that these two profiles are genuine, and victim of account hijacking. Instead I am certain that these profiles are fake.

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