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Been reading posts for months but been too shy to post a discussion, reason of my semi-professional standpoint, meaning, a hybrid view on issues culmulated through information. And yet, Big Data seems to dictate human future lifestyle and all, are we strong enough to control the automaton systems? are we strong enough to maintain  human uniqueness?  Some artists thinkers already head over heal toward cyborg cultures, some embrace "evolution".

Following are the articles that make us think,do we run after Big Data with closed eyes?


One of the challenging topic against theo.

If the presence of mass-energy were great enough (approaching infinity) in a particular area of space-time, it could conceivably become so warped that the elliptical path would come full circle and the two ends would meet, forming a closed loop. Time isn’t running backwards; it’s running in circles. In a true closed timelike curve, one can only continually relive the same sequence of events, not alter the past, and therefore one cannot change the future. Stephen Hawking has objected to the theoretical possibility of closed timelike curves, not just because of the extraordinary energies required, but because such phenomena violate causality. There should be a “chronology protection conjecture,” in which the laws of physics conspire to prohibit time travel to the past...(reminds me of the graphs Dr. Vincent show conjecture)


Currently, University of Washington researchers are conducting a series of experiments to reveal the mystical acumen of the brain for prediction of everyday events.The researchers studied the brain’s Central Dopaminergic System, used functional magnetic resonance imaging technique to record daily data from the test subjects. The person in charge of the study,
Dr. Zacks, said prediction of impending events is crucial for guiding behavior, but is also a key component of predictive perception, language processing and learning theory, and is of great help in predicting the future.

Wonder what if the two predictive minds, human and machine Big DAta, lead our lives in an unknown future to what end your imagination explore? Bold lego where noone has gone before...

The link to my amateurish Oracle programming abstract topics to the computer!

Am asking your experience in predictive software, i.e. the CDSS support decision for health software comparing to human capacity to predict small events in daily life.

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