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I am a text mining newbie and have tried finding word associations, word clusters in R. I want to know what other good stuff is possible in R and specifically can I find the context (I know that might sound tough!) of the tweet/post?



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Hi Ratheen,

I'm very interested on this subject as well. I do all the analysis in R and word clusters helped me a lot, but I would like to give a step further and do things like "word graphs". 
I'm not quite sure, but it seems to me that it will be necessary a mix of R (or Python) to run the algorithms - like "2-word gap" - and Gephi to visualize. The thing is: how to implement "2 word-gap"?

Not sure that there won't be something in tm or one of the other R packages for text mining. I'm getting going with some analyses of this type. I also expect that rapidminer which has an R interface might manage to do some more analyses.


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