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Hello fellow Miners

I am currently reading "Getting Things done" by David Allen and I am still impressed by his simple but powerful system. Now I wondered whether there is a similar system (i.e. best practices) for daily data analysis.

In such a analysis a huge number of files is created: code snippets, more extensive parameterizable scripts, reports, model-files, remarks etc.. One the one side you want to be as flexible as possible, e.g. trying out parameters of complex models to get a feeling for the data, on the other side you have to focus on reproducible results. Nothing is more embarrassing then one these moments where you remember a remarkable result, but you cannot reproduce it because you have changed a dependant file (e.g. the sql-script which loads the data initially).

I am glad using RapidMiner which supports complete process descriptions in xml consisting of closed-code functions (by closed code I mean you cannot change the behaviour of functions on the fly in opposite to perform the analysis with a bunch of losely coupled python-scripts, RapidMiner is of course Open Source). But this is not enough because I still produce a lot of files.

David Allen says, that the key is to trick oneself in using defined and reliable procedures. What is your trick ?

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Quite an unusual idea ...

I accept the search-argument and the global accessibility, but frankly I do not see any more advantages.
Thanks for the RapidMiner link. I was recently told of & .
As for a tool to help w/ GTD & finding all your snippets, there are 2 solutions I'd recommend:
1st, a combination of:
- MindManader -
- ResultsManager -
- GyroQ -
- GyroQ plugin called MindReader -
The first is VERY powerful but only works on Windows and 2 faults I found w/ MindManager is that I can't tag or visually connect thoughts together that lie in different mindmap files. Since I am now converting mostly to Mac I am going back to another solution as its newest version as has many great features. The features in this tool that I miss that are in MindManager (only the Windows version) are: dynamic [Rss, Outlook, SQL Dbs, Office docs].
The 2nd solution is:
- PersonalBrain -
PersonalBrain is very visual as well as allowing both a strong searching feature and combination of structure with flat (tagging) functionality. Also, there is a great discussion on implementing GTD in PersonalBrain here:

Good Luck
Thanks On. I will definitely have a look at it. Hope to find open source implementations of the underlying ideas ;)

The only open source GTD system I can remember (there are others but none were very robust as of summer 2009 & I am currently on a journey to consolidate todo, calendar, reference, & data relation visualization) is MonkeyGTD, now mGSD, based on tiddlywiki.


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